Trailer Debut: I, Frankenstein


The trailer for Stuart Beattie’s I, Frankenstein has arrived online, and it’s enough to make Mary Shelley turn in her grave. (That is, if she hasn’t already been re-animated, and doomed to walk the Earth for all eternity.)

The pic – based on Kevin Grevioux’s comic of the same name – stars Aaron Eckhart as Adam (aka, the ungodly creation of that rascally Dr. Frankenstein), recruited to act as ass-kicking intermediary between two monstrous factions.

Or something like that. Look, this trailer is mostly explosions and people crashing through windows.

The film features Jai Courtney, Yvonne Strahovski, and Miranda Otto in supporting roles.

Bill Nighy also stars, just to make the Underworld comparisons even more blatant.

I, Frankenstein – which was shot in Victoria early last year – hits cinemas January 2014.

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