See the cast of Nymphomaniac in orgasmic delight


Lars Von Trier’s canny promotional campaign for his upcoming five-hour pornographic opus, Nymphomaniac, hits a new height with the release of fourteen provocative character posters.

Featuring all his major actors offering up their best “o-face,” these posters give us a curious introduction to what we can expect from this inevitably divisive film, set to be released in both softcore and hardcore versions.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin, and Sophie Kennedy Clark give the usual erotic poses, while Uma Thurman looks positively ethereal, but it’s the guys who really let us know we’re watching a Lars Von Trier film.

Christian Slater looks wonderfully confused, Shia LaBeouf seems like he’d rather be smoking, and Jamie Bell could just as well be sneezing.

It’s the legendary Udo Kier who wins this round with a magnificently perverse eye-roll – reminding us he really is from another dimension – and Stellan Skarsgard warns us that there are some things we can’t unsee.

I have no idea what Von Trier is up to with this film but it’s by far one of the most oddly anticipated pictures I’ve come across in years.

Nymphomaniac hits Danish cinemas on Christmas Day, with a local release to follow in 2014.

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