David Morse is “proud” of Cory Monteith’s work in final film


Character actor David Morse gets a rare leading role in the corrupt cop flick McCanick, though the movie will perhaps be best remembered for featuring the late Cory Monteith’s final screen performance.

We caught up with Morse to discuss the film, and he shared his recollections of working with Monteith, who plays a street hustler and drug dealer on the run from the law.

“He was actually doing Glee at the time. When he got the script, he really had to fight to get it to work out. He really wanted to do it. His commitment to it was huge. It was very smart of him to take a role like this, because it’s so different to what he was doing. So, he had a lot of excitement about it, and a lot of commitment to it.

“It for sure was a different experience to what he’d had before; working on Glee, working on television was not the same as shooting this kind of movie in the rough parts of Philadelphia. We had three weeks to shoot it, and he would literally get off the set here from working, fly to Los Angeles, get off the airplane there and do a scene in Glee. He was really stretching himself.

“I’m really grateful to him for having done it, and proud of him.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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McCanick will be available on Quickflix from October 23.

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