Andrew Adamson won’t make any more ‘Narnia’ films: “There are complications with me having involvement.”


Director Andrew Adamson doesn’t believe he’ll have anything to do with the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia film, despite having helmed the first two instalments of the saga and producing the third.

We caught up with Andrew ahead of the release of his latest effort, Mr. Pip.

When asked if he would have any kind of role in the making of the recently announced new Narnia movie, The Silver Chair, he answered thusly:

“Not that I know of, and actually I think there are complications with me having involvement.

“Because it was with Disney and then with Fox, and now they’re really restarting it independently, there’s probably all sorts of complications with ownership of rights and characters and looks and designs and music that they need to work through.”

Adamson says he’s fine with the saga moving on without him, though he had once hoped to do another instalment.

“You know, I had once thought that I would do The Magician’s Nephew, because that was my favourite book, but I did feel I did what I needed to do with Narnia.

“I think The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was the one I really wanted to make, and then Prince Caspian was really out of responsibility to the characters, and really to the children.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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Mr. Pip arrives in Australian cinemas November 7. It is now showing in New Zealand.

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