Cameron Diaz re-recorded her dialogue in ‘The Counselor’ because she sounded too much like Rihanna


Well! The Counselor continues to surprise/disappoint.

THR has revealed an interesting tidbit regarding Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy critically reviled box office flop.

Apparently Cameron Diaz was asked by 20th Century Fox to re-record her dialogue, believing it sounded too much like Rihanna.

Her character, Malkina, is supposedly from Argentina (or, whichever country likes vehicular intercourse), and in the released movie she has a subtle lilt in her speech; the remaining remnant of what was apparently a full-on Barbados accent.

As I lamented in my review, Diaz is “stilted” and “robotic” in the flick, and that “Malkina could have provided the necessary nuttiness to elevate the movie, or at least give it enough personality to make it truly feel like something special.”

If only the execs could have kept her original line readings.

It may not have made the movie any better, but it may have made it spectacularly bad. At the moment, it’s caught somewhere in between, and that’s no fun for anyone.

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