Lars von Trier hands over final cut to Nymphomaniac; will only release hardcore version


Lars von Trier has abandoned plans to release individual softcore and hardcore versions of Nymphomaniac, and, even more shockingly, has handed over final cut for the first time in his career.

According to The Hollywood Reporter – citing an upcoming report by Danish mag Ekko – von Trier delivered a final cut that lasted five-and-a-half hours.

When the epic sexual odyssey of Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) is revealed to audiences on December 25 in Copenhagen, it will be just four hours long, and divided into two features.

His long-time producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen says, “The short version is against Lars’ own will, but he accepts it because he understands market mechanisms.”

What won’t be cut from the film, he insists, are the graphic sex scenes.

In fact, though they’ve abandoned plans to release two versions of the flick, the surviving cut will indeed be hardcore.

We wouldn’t expect any less.

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