‘Saving Mr. Banks’ can’t show Walt Disney smoking


At a gala screening of Saving Mr. Banks over the weekend, the filmmakers explained why they were unable to showcase Walt Disney’s intense addiction to tobacco: it’s due to Disney studios’ somewhat ironic ‘no smoking’ rules.

The flick concerns Walt’s (Tom Hanks) efforts to score the Mary Poppins rights from author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson).

Director John Lee Hancock and producer Alison Owen spoke about the lack of smoking after the screening (documented by THR), saying it was the only note they received from the studio (despite them making a movie about their founder).

There was one loophole they were able to get around, though.

Disney’s policy only excludes footage of lit cigarettes. At one point, as Travers enters the studio head’s office, we see him putting one out, with both the cigarette and its smoke carefully obscured.

Saving Mr. Banks hits cinemas early 2014.

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