‘The Heat’ is getting a spinoff

the heat

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s cop comedy The Heat was one of the year’s biggest hits, so it’s no surprise 20th Century Fox want a follow-up.

However, since Bullock has expressed her displeasure with sequels (Speed 2 and Miss Congeniality 2 enough to put anyone off), Fox and director Paul Feig are looking elsewhere for stars.

Deadline reports they’re now working on a Boston-set spin-off featuring comic actors Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin.

Denbo and Chaffin – better known as the comedy duo Ronna and Beverly – played McCarthy’s trashy family members in the flick.

Tricia McAlpin will pen the film.

Deadline insists a sequel starring McCarthy and Bullock could still come to fruition, and screenwriter Katie Dippold revealed on the Who Charted podcast that she had handed in her draft for The Heat 2.

But hey: the more movies starring funny ladies, the better.

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