Talk Hard – Eric Bana (Closed Circuit)

We hop off the grid to speak with Aussie thesp Eric Bana about conspiracy thriller Closed Circuit, as well as his super-serious reputation in the States, and the late Chopper Read. A review follows. It hits cinemas December 5.

Closed Circuit

Show Notes:

Apologies for the audio quality of the interview. If you listen closely, you can hear the drink orders of the nearby diners!

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2 Responses to “Talk Hard – Eric Bana (Closed Circuit)”

  1. Really enjoyed your interview with Eric Bana – one of my favourite guys anyway – but despite the cinema release date being shown as Dec 5, I can’t seem to find it in cinemas? Any updates?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for listening! As Closed Circuit is being distributed by Bana, it’s only playing a select few cinemas across the country. Check the listings for your local arthouse joint!


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