Disney takes over the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise

Indiana Jones

Disney, obsessed with owning everything you love, has taken over the Indiana Jones franchise.

According to Variety, Walt Disney Studios and Paramount Pictures have “reached a distribution and marketing agreement” for the series.

That agreement? Disney can distribute and market future films, and retain the ownership rights they secured back when they acquired Lucasfilm.

Paramount hold onto the distribution rights of the first four films (they’ll also receive some financial participation on any further sequels).

Though Disney is yet to announce a fifth Indiana Jones movie, don’t expect them to dilly-dally on this. They paid $4 billion for Lucasfilm, and, with their planned seventh Star Wars movie at least two years away, they’ll surely want to start making their money back sooner rather than later.

Steven Spielberg is reportedly open to directing a fifth Indy movie, but the story would need to be locked down before he’d ever commit.

George Lucas would also potentially have a hand in developing the story.

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