The Quickflix News team is going on holiday!


No, not them. These guys:


Jess Lomas, Richard Haridy, Andrew Williams, Glenn Dunks, and myself (Simon Miraudo) will be spending the next three weeks frantically scouring thesauruses for new words to replace all the ones we used up in 2013.

Panic not: Your Quickflix service won’t be interrupted over the Christmas break, and our regular news coverage will begin again on the 13th of January, 2014. In the meantime, busy yourself with some of our favourite pieces from the past twelve months.

The best place to start is, of course, our end-of-year lists:

The Top 10 Films of 2013
The 10 Worst Films of 2013
The Top 10 Foreign Language Films of 2013
The Top 10 Australian Films of 2013
The Top 10 Male Performances of 2013
The Top 10 Female Performances of 2013
The Top 10 TV Episodes of 2013

Planning on heading to the cinemas over the next few weeks? We’ve got reviews of August: Osage County, Saving Mr. Banks, Short Term 12, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and American Hustle to help assist your decision-making process. (We recommend most of those.)

Staying in? Even better! Here are our reviews of new (or upcoming) DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming flicks Pain & Gain, Kick-Ass 2, Upstream Color, Frances Ha, You’re Next, We’re the Millers, Stoker, Now You See Me, Mood Indigo, Red Obsession, 100 Bloody Acres, Elysium, Greetings from Tim Buckley, and many more.

You can always find the most recent reviews here. Otherwise, this archive has all of my reviews dating back to 2008.

If you prefer slightly older fare, then Play It Again is the feature you’ve been looking for. Recently, we revisited The Birds (on its 50th birthday), famous flops (Xanadu, anyone?), the best of the 1990s, and some of the most popular features from the past decade, in honour of Quickflix’s 10th birthday. (A whole heap can be found here.)

Speaking of Quickflix’s birthday, I shared my picks for the Top 10 Films of the Decade (2003-2013) to mark that very occasion! It was also the topic of a very special 50th episode of Talk Hard, which also featured Andrew, Jess, and Richard. Listen in, why not?

You can also catch up on our interviews with Eric Bana, Adam McKay, Father Bob Maguire, James McAvoy, Daniel Bruhl, Greta Gerwig, Shane Carruth, Sharlto Copley, Edgar Wright, Ronan Keating, and a bunch of other interesting people, simply by subscribing to our podcast Talk Hard! (Find the archive here, if you’re a non-committal podcast-listener. But seriously, take the plunge and subscribe already!)

Follow Andrew on his televisual walkabout and read his many reviews of TV shows The Walking Dead, Eastbound and Down, The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire, Coupling, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and The Sopranos, just to name a handful. (His Television Revision archive can be found here! Gosh, we have too many archives.)

If that doesn’t keep you busy for three weeks, I don’t know what will.

Still, if you start to feel those pangs of loneliness, rest assured that we’ll be back in 2014 with some exciting enhancements, and all the reviews, interviews, and breaking news you’ve learned to tolerate.

I’d like to offer a sincere thanks for your readership this past year. A safe and happy holiday to you, from all of us at Quickflix.

Simon Miraudo,
Editor and Film Critic.

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