Poster and Trailer Debut: Veronica Mars


The Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie is really, really real, and no longer just some beautiful dream.

For confirmation of its existence, we have the newly released film poster and the picture’s official teaser trailer.

The flick sees Kristen Bell reprise the role of teen private eye Veronica Mars, now fully grown and a big time New York lawyer, returning to her hometown of Neptune for her high school reunion. Oh, and to clear her ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) of a murder, as per usual.

Veronica Mars only lasted for three seasons on television, and it’s hard to say if this film adaptation will offer much for newcomers. An even unlikelier prospect: being successful enough for a further continuation of the character’s existence.

Perhaps it’ll just offer a conclusive finale for fans, and act as a ‘thank you’ for its cult success. That alone will probably be just fine for the obsessives who willed the movie into existence, and threw a few dollars in the way of its groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign.

Show creator Rob Thomas directs the picture, which is set to hit U.S. cinemas in March. A local release will hopefully follow.

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