Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan reuniting for a Labor of Love

Night Willis

I see nostalgic people.

Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan are in talks to re-team for a new project, fifteen years after they made a mark with The Sixth Sense.

According to Deadline, the movie is titled Labor of Love, and is one of the first scripts Shyamalan sold in his career.

Originally purchased by Fox in 1993 (before M. Night even got around to making the largely-buried family film Wide Awake), the script concerns a book store owner who pledges to walk across America to prove how much he loved his late wife.

Shyamalan’s career in the wake of The Sixth Sense‘s release has been, erm, rocky, to say the least.

He’s never quite hit the same commercial or critical heights as he did with that flicka multiple Oscar nominee that grossed $672 million worldwide off a $40 million budget, and became a legit pop culture touchstone.

Willis did work with Shyamalan again on 2000’s Unbreakable; a disappointment at the time that has since developed a strong cult following.

Though there have been rumblings for years about an Unbreakable sequel, it seems Labor of Love will have to do.

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