‘Wolf Creek 2’ hunts and kills box office competition

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek 2 has faced off stern – and equally violent – competition to take the top spot at the local box office.

The sequel to the controversial 2005 horror flick claimed $1.70 million on its first weekend, ahead of Lone Survivor‘s opening $1.48 million tally.

The Wolf of Wall Street is sitting pretty in third place after five weeks, closing in on a $20 million total. When it bows out of cinemas, it’ll hold the record for both the highest grossing R-rated film in Australian history, and the biggest ever haul for a Martin Scorsese film in Oz.

Wolf Creek 2‘s loot is 35 per cent larger than that of the first Wolf Creek‘s opening weekend.

It’s on track to become one of the highest grossing locally-produced films of 2014, though it’ll be tough for it to top the $4.56 million gross of the original.

Last year, only five films grossed more than one million at the local box office. They included The Great Gatsby (which earned $27.44 million), The Railway Man (more than $7 million), Goddess, The Turning, and Return to Nim’s Island (the latter three sneaking just past the million-dollar mark).

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