‘Nymphomaniac’ banned in Turkey


Lars von Trier’s four-hour sauce-fest Nymphomaniac has been banned in Turkey. That’s gotta hurt.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Turkish film board has labelled the flick “pornography” despite it starring legitimate artist Shia LaBeouf in a prominent role.

Though it’s unfortunate Turkish art-house aficionados won’t be able to see Nymphomaniac (especially considering it was set to open next week), this banning will surely be considered good news for those working the film’s marketing elsewhere around the world.

In most nations, the Charlotte Gainsbourg-starring flick is being released in two parts. Romania initially banned Vol. 2, but a successful appeal by the local distributor led to the film’s eventual release.

Nymphomaniac will open as a single, epic-length feature in Australia late March.

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