Warner Bros sued by ‘Rizzoli & Isles’ author for – maybe – ripping off ‘Gravity’


Rizzoli & Isles author Tess Gerritsen is suing the makers of Gravity for ripping off her book. No, not the one about the spunky female detectives. Another one.

According to Deadline, the complaint suggests Warner Bros were in breach of contract by using her 1999 novel Gravity as a basis for their 2013 blockbuster of the same name.

New Line purchased the rights to her novel – also about a female astronaut in peril – for $1 million back in the day.

She’s now looking for a ‘Based on the book by Tess Gerritsen’ credit, a $500,000 production bonus, and 2.5 per cent of the net proceeds from the film. Considering it grossed more than $715 million worldwide, that would be a nifty payday.

Though the similarities can easily be seen, her Gravity concerns a virus on the loose in an International Space Station, and she even went so far as to say “ Gravity is a great film, but it is not based on my book” back in October.

What changed her mind?

Apparently new information came to light in February; specifically, that someone involved with her book’s film adaptation eventually worked on the Sandra Bullock starrer.

This is according to Gerritsen’s blog, though no other names or specifics are given.

Director Alfonso Cuarón penned the script for Gravity with his son Jonas.

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