Spidey fans start petition for Amazing Spider-Man 2 director’s cut (that may not exist)

Emma Stone

This is a bewildering one. Indian Spidey-fan Muhesh Spaleesh has started a petition on Change.org begging Sony Pictures and Marc Webb to release a director’s cut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro.

Citing the sequel’s bleak Rotten Tomatoes score, Spaleesh suggests a director’s cut would enhance critical reception and be “beneficial to the franchise.”

Surely, you might think, he’s calling for the sequences featuring Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane – filmed but then cut early on – to be restored to the film. After all, that’s the most famous excised moment.

Nope! Here’s what he would prefer:

“An attack on Oscorp by the Green Goblin

“An alternate scene in which a tumultuous scene is portrayed differently

“Extended Times Square and Clocktower scenes

“Another Peter/Gwen scene.”

Though Spaleesh suggests these scenes were “rumoured to be in rough cuts”, there is no evidence that the studio forced Webb’s hand in deleting them.

Also not considered by Spaleesh: that many of Webb’s directorial choices were responsible for that Rotten score, as opposed to the lack of “extended Times Square and Clocktower scenes.”

Either way, as of this writing there are more than 1,000 e-signatures.

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