Joel and Ethan Coen prep ‘Hail Caesar’ as their ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ follow-up


Joel and Ethan Coen will follow-up Inside Llewyn Davis with Hollywood satire Hail Caesar, Deadline reports.

The directorial duo will return to their Barton Fink/Hudsucker Proxy roots, it seems, with Hail Caesar, a “comical yarn” that centers on a famed 1950s muckraker who spies on Hollywood celebs for a gossip magazine.

Now, just because Deadline is describing it as a “comical yarn” doesn’t mean this will see the Coens in a lighter, more frivolous mood.

Their comedies are usually as bleak and uncompromising as their dramas.

Let’s just hope it’s as good as prior “comical yarns” A Serious Man and Burn After Reading, and certainly better than The Ladykillers.

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