A festivus for the rest of us: Sydney Film Festival 2014 begins!


The Sydney Film Festival is once again upon us, and 2014’s slate is as tantalising as any that has come before.

This, of course, means our editorial team will be occupied skittering from darkened cinema to darkened cinema, up all night scribbling reviews, and frantically posting them each morning for the pleasure of those unable to make it to the fest (or, perhaps even those who are similarly running from film to film and looking for someone’s manic, half-baked, written-in-a-panic thoughts on some of the year’s most complex, emotionally-complicated movies.)

From June 4 to June 13, you’ll be able to follow our SFF coverage on Quickflix’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. My personal Twitter account will also be filled with musings on malnourished festival life. You can find my archive of SFF reviews right here, while our Film Festival collection gives you a handy glimpse at many of the more notable flicks screening over the next fortnight (as well as some favourites from years gone by).

Though the news beat might slow down some, you can still come here for all the major breaking movie news and reviews of the latest DVD/streaming releases. Helpfully, many of the features making their debut at Sydney Film Fest – such as The Rover, Frank, and How to Train Your Dragon 2, just to name a handful – are also hitting cinemas shortly thereafter, so those elsewhere in Australia can still keep up with their local theatrical releases too.

This being my fourth Sydney Film Festival, I anticipate coming out the other side exhausted, riddled with rickets, but also enriched by the international cinematic delights. I’ve already outlined 10 films to definitely catch, and – keep this between us, okay? – I’ve actually already seen a couple, and they’re great, so we’re off to a damn good start.

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