The Wachowskis’ ‘Jupiter Ascending’ delayed from July to February 2015


Warner Bros has pushed their upcoming Wachowski-directed sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending from July of this year to February of 2015, THR reports.

February is basically ‘the morning after’ for studios; the month they dump all their regrets.

But with a price tag of $150 million, Jupiter Ascending can’t exactly go gently into the good night without somebody noticing.

The first original feature from Andy and Lana Wachowski since The Matrix, there was much anticipation for the project, but early trailers – featuring Channing Tatum as a bleached-blonde alien faun and Mila Kunis as an all-powerful janitor – diminished enthusiasm as the months wore on.

Warner Bros. claim the bump is to complete special effects work, and that may indeed be true. However, not pushing it to July of 2015 and instead burying it in the cinematic graveyard of February is far from a vote of confidence.

None of this means the movie is definitely bad, however; just no longer considered by the studio to be a potential money-maker.

We will, of course, reserve judgment until early next year.

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