Here’s why the not-at-all choosy Steven Seagal won’t do an ‘Expendables’ film


Steven Seagal, incredibly selective thespian and bastion of integrity, has revealed why he’s never starred in one of those Expendables movies: he doesn’t like the people that make them!

Speaking to The Big Issue, Seagal revealed, he “just didn’t like some of the people involved,” adding further salt in Sylvester Stallone’s wound by saying, “life is too short to work with funny people.”

We’re assuming “funny” is not a good thing to be in Seagal’s world.

So, who doesn’t he like? Stallone? Jet Li? Dolph Lundgren? Surely not Terry Crews? Everyone loves Terry Crews!

“[I won’t name names]. There’s good and bad people everywhere and a lot of people in The Expendables I like too. So it’s okay.”

Here’s the trailer for The Expendables 3. See if you can pick who Seagal likes and who he doesn’t. Was it Kelsey Grammer? We may never know.

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