Kathryn Bigelow and Todd Field race to make the same movie


In one of the most painful ‘Would You Rather’ scenarios of recent memory, directors Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty) and Todd Field (In the Bedroom) are racing to get competing movies to the screen, with only one likely to cross the finish line.

According to Deadline, Bigelow and her frequent collaborator Mark Boal are planning a new feature based on kidnapped Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

Fox Searchlight has, separately, picked up the rights to the late Michael Hastings’ Rolling Stone article America’s Last Prisoner of War, with Field attached to tell the tale of this Taliban abduction.

Both projects are stacked with impressive behind-the-scenes talent, and it’s not rare for similar films to reach cinemas at the same time. Two biopics on Lance Armstrong remain in the works, while a second Steve Jobs picture is still slated to be released, just a couple years after Ashton Kutcher’s own effort.

Still, even if both movies get made, one will forever be remembered as superior, and the other, inferior. But if you start feeling sorry for either Bigelow or Field having to take up the lesser title, just remember what their proposed project is actually about and perspective will start to settle in.

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