Shane Black to direct ‘Predator’ reboot


Shane Black has just been hired to direct a modern reboot of Predator, meaning that Fox, the studio that once gifted him with a role in the 1987 original in the hopes of getting him to rewrite the script (which he did not do), has finally tied down the infamous filmmaker. Way to play a long game, Fox!

According to THR, Black will write the treatment and direct the do-over for Fox, who last attempted a sort-of sequel in 2010 with Predators.

It’s a major coup for the project. Though Black was in the cold for much of the 1990’s and 2000’s, he returned to active duty with 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and just last year directed the billion dollar-grossing Iron Man 3.

The actual script will be written by Black’s pal Fred Dekker. In 1987, Dekker was busy writing Monster Squad.

It’s unknown who will step into the shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and take over the lead role. More pressingly, who will take the part of the wise-cracking mercenary played by Black in the original? Please say he’s keen to do it himself…

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