Matthew McConaughey might be The Company Man

dallas buyers club

Matthew McConaughey would seem to have his pick of the litter when it comes to selecting a new project, regardless of whether or not he’d be appropriate for the part. Coming off his Dallas Buyers Club Oscar-win, True Detective Emmy nomination, and upcoming starring role in eventual blockbuster Interstellar, if he wanted to play Shirley Temple, producers would have a hard time turning him down.

So, it’s a big deal that he’s reportedly eyeing the script for The Company Man, which concerns CIA agent Edwin Wilson’s meteoric rise in the wake of the Cold War, and eventual designation as “public enemy No. 1” to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Those descriptions come from an uncharacteristically cautious Deadline, who temper our excitement by reminding us that nothing is set in stone.

According to McConaughey’s reps, he’s seeking a suitable director to helm the flick before deciding to come aboard himself.

The script comes from Andrew Cypiot, and it was featured on a recent Black List, in which the best unproduced screenplays of any given year are ranked by Hollywood insiders, whatever that means.

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