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Bird, Lindelof, and Clooney’s mysterious 1952 retitled Tomorrowland

We don’t have any real information on this enigmatic Brad Bird/Damon Lindelof/George Clooney collaboration, but we’ll take what we can get! According to EW, the project formerly known as 1952 has been rechristened Tomorrowland. Seeing as this is a Disney production, it’s fair to assume that this movie is somehow related to the futuristic Disneyland attraction of the same name. […]

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George Clooney considers Brad Bird’s mysterious 1952

George Clooney might star in Brad Bird’s upcoming – and ultra-mysterious – Disney picture 1952. According to Variety, Clooney is negotiating to star in the flick, which has been penned by Damon Lindelof (Prometheus, Lost, general internet scorn) and Jeff Jensen. Though details are under wraps, sources close to the production describe it as “‘Close Encounters of […]

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Brad Bird teams with Lost producer Damon Lindelof for 1952

Colour us intrigued! Pixar alum and Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird is set to direct 1952, a mysterious new script from Lost producer Damon Lindelof. According to Deadline, Disney tasked Lindelof with writing the screenplay last year. Details are under wraps, but it’s supposedly “a big-scale tentpole film.” Note that it is not 1906, the epic Earthquake flick […]

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