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The 10 scariest films of all time

By Simon Miraudo October 28, 2013 Every October, in the days leading up to Halloween, I like to look back over my favourite horror films, and watch those that have eluded me. It’s hard to explain why we like scary movies so. They don’t make us laugh, like comedies. They don’t move us, like dramas. […]

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The top 10 end of the world movies

The top 10 end of the world movies. By Simon Miraudo. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine! And why wouldn’t we, when there are these great apocalyptic flicks to enjoy in the lead up to Earth’s eventual shuttering? The old girl still may have a little life […]

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Best Post-Apocalyptic Flicks

No one was more pleased than I when the world didn’t end yesterday, despite the scientific community’s attempt to recreate the Big Bang with a $9 billion particle accelerator. We’ve all seen films in which scientists have unearthed some great discovery, or have developed an all-curing medicine. They applaud one another and announce how the […]

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