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Lost footage from Kubrick’s 2001 found

Stanley Kubrick fans should probably brace themselves because according to Forgotten Silver (translated by Blastr) seventeen minutes of “lost” footage from his 1968 epic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey has just been rediscovered. Douglas Trumbull and David Larson, who were working on the now-cancelled documentary 2001: Behind the Infinite—The Making of a Masterpiece, will […]

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Head to Head – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Welcome to the latest edition of Head to Head, in which our Quickflix critic takes on our readers in a rip-snorting battle to the death! You pick the film, and we pick the fight! This week, Tom Clift took down the monolith known as 2001: A Space Odyssey. For his troubles, he received a free […]

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