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Primer director working on Rian Johnson’s Looper

We’ve not got too much information to work with here, but a picture from the set of Rian Johnson’s upcoming time-travel thriller Looper reveals the mysterious involvement of Shane Carruth (Primer). The picture was posted on Looper’s official Tumblr, with the enigmatic – but in a way, rather straightforward – caption: “Shane Carruth is working […]

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Shane Carruth’s latest film to make your brain explode

Engineer-turned-director Shane Carruth has long been working on the follow up project to his mind-melting time travel flick Primer. Thanks to The Playlist, we now know what his next film is about! Kinda! The Playlist got a hold of Carruth’s screenplay A Topiary, which sounds as infuriating and complex as his feature film debut. Consider […]

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