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Ace ventura jr trailer – so it wasn’t just a horrible dream!?

source: trailerspy.com Part of me knew it was coming, but I guess I didn’t prepare myself emotionally or physically for the horrific onslaught of this awful little clip. The first trailer for Ace Ventura Jr has arrived, proving that this Jim Carrey-less sequel is indeed of war crime proportions. http://www.trailerspy.com/movie-trailers/videoplayer.swf Ace Ventura Jr. Trailer I […]

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua – History’s Greatest Mistake

source: youtube.com, videodetective.com Congratulations Disaster Movie – it looks like you might not be the worst film of 2008. Well, it probably will – but it has certainly been beaten in the worst trailer department. That crown now goes to Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a Disney production that is both vomit inducing, and kind of offensive. […]

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Ace Ventura 3 – Makes "Disaster Movie" Look Watchable

source: slashfilm.com, traileraddict.com Hmm, I think the title for this blog post is a little inaccurate. After all, absolutely nothing could make “Disaster Movie” bearable in the slightest way. However, a new Ace Ventura installment could possibly steal its crown as the worst film of 2008. Ace Ventura 3 (or possibly Ace Ventura Jr) will […]

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