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Live action Akira remake gets the green light

After years of outrageous casting rumours, directorial upheavals and vocal outrage from ardent fans, Warner Bros has officially given the green light to their long-gestating live action remake of Akira.  According to Variety, Juame Collet-Serra will direct the $90 million movie, with shooting set to begin in either February or March of 2012. Although names linked […]

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Warner Bros hires directors for 300 spin-off and Akira remake

There is a man in Hollywood who has been entrusted with two giant action franchises, and the only other feature film to his name is the disappointing dramedy Smart People. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Noam Murro has been hired by Warner Bros to helm the 300 spin-off 300: Battle of Artemisia (previously known as […]

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Pattinson, Timberlake and Garfield in line for Akira remake?

Deadline New York has revealed a shortlist of young male Hollywood talent being considered for roles in the upcoming adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s graphic novel Akira. Akira will be based on the 1988 Japanese anime, which itself was based on director Otomo’s own graphic novel of the same name. Whereas the original was set in […]

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