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Soula coaster – Cloud Atlas review

By Simon Miraudo February 27, 2013 Cloud Atlas could have been a freak show. It features a cavalcade of stars – each playing multiple characters – masquerading as members of the opposite sex across six seemingly disconnected storylines that span hundreds of years. Souls recur across lifetimes. Not everyone stays the same race. Tom Hanks appears […]

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See Hugo Weaving as a woman and a Korean man in Cloud Atlas

Warner Bros has released images of Hugo Weaving in Lana and Andy Wachowski‘s collaboration with Tom Tykwer, Cloud Atlas, giving us a clear indication of the race and gender swapping being undertaken by the entire cast. These pictures shows Weaving as a female nurse, a Korean man, a decrepit old creep, and a red-head. OK, that last one isn’t […]

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