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How nutty is this year’s batch of Oscar nominees?

We could sit here wondering why Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were left out of the Best Actor and Actress fields, scratch our heads over the snubbing of The Butler, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Saving Mr. Banks, and, frankly, go mad attempting to figure out how the beloved American Hustle still couldn’t swing a nomination […]

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The 10 most exciting spring films

By Simon Miraudo September 11, 2013 Winter’s gone, and with it the blockbuster season. We bid a fond adieu to the barrage of comic book adaptations, sequels, and debates about the destruction in Man of Steel and say bonjour to some more interesting fare. Yes, spring has sprung, and beside the blooming flowers come thoughtful […]

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Paramount working on Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa?

Paramount Pictures has registered a number of internet domains hinting at the studio’s plans for another instalment of the hit Jackass┬áseries. Fusible were the first to notice the URLs purchased by Paramount on June 5, 2012. They include: Jackass4BadGrandpa.com Jackass4BadGrandpamovie.com badgrampa-movie.com jackass4movie.com And so on and so forth. Nothing official has been announced by Paramount, […]

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