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You get what you give – Begin Again review (Sydney Film Festival)

By Simon Miraudo June 9, 2014 It’s called Begin Again, but why, when once was probably enough? Keira Knightley stars as heartbroken English singer-songwriter Greta, still reeling from a break-up with a newly-minted rock star (Adam Levine) whose increasing douchebaggery can be measured by the growth of his beard and widening of his shirts’ v-necks. […]

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Keira Knightley sings for Mark Ruffalo in ‘Begin Again’ trailer

Keira Knightley shows off her pipesĀ in the trailer for musical dramedy Being There, previously titled Can A Song Save Your Life? She plays a recently-dumped songstress taken under the wing of a recently-fired music exec (Mark Ruffalo). Though the trailer looks pretty unremarkable, reviews out of Tribeca were largely positive, and the pedigree behind and […]

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