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Oddball Oscar-nominated song ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ disqualified by the Academy

What a short, strange trip it’s been for Alone Yet Not Alone. Just two weeks ago, the world was largely unaware of this evangelical Christian film. Then, it shockingly scored a Best Original Song nomination for its title track, proving that it was, at least, more popular than Lana del Rey’s snubbed Great Gatsby anthem (and former category […]

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Hear this year’s Oscar nominated songs (including the really weird one)

The Best Original Song category is always good value for those who enjoy being bewildered by the Academy Awards. Whether the category has three separate songs from the one film (see: 2007 and Enchanted) or just two nominees in a battle to the death (2011’s non-showdown between ‘Man or Muppet’ and, erm, ‘Real in Rio’), there’s […]

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