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Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow will probably get her own movie

Marvel president Kevin Feige has assured Scarlett Johansson fans that Black Widow will likely get her own film soon, so stop bugging him already. Speaking to Total Film (transcribed by Comic Book Movie, which is actually a website), Feige elaborated on Black Widow’s role in the upcoming Captain America sequel The Winter Soldier, as well as The Avengers: Age of […]

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New clip from The Avengers shows off Scarlett

Disney has released the first clip from their upcoming Marvel team-up flick The Avengers, highlighting Scarlett Johansson/Black Widow’s abilities to dominate enemies even whilst tied to a chair. Super-fans will appreciate the brief glimpse of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), who was finally given his very own character poster earlier this week. The action sequence here – and the comic beats – […]

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Trailer Debut: The Avengers

Hold on to your hammers! The trailer for Joss Whedon’s Marvel team-up flick The Avengers has travelled across the rainbow bridge and landed online for our viewing pleasure. Surely by now we don’t need to go on about why this is terribly exciting. We’re looking forward to it; you’re looking forward to it. Let’s just […]

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