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What goes around – Runner Runner review

By Simon Miraudo September 26, 2013 Runner Runner marks a momentous occasion: the handing of the ‘generic, handsome actor’ baton from Ben Affleck to Justin Timberlake. (A similar thing happened in 2003’s Welcome to the Jungle, when outgoing, big-screen heavy Arnold Schwarzenegger told burgeoning big guy Dwayne Johnson, “Have fun.”) There will be no parade […]

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Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake bet on Runner Runner

Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake will join forces for the thriller Runner Runner, Deadline reports. Why Jeremy Renner was not approached for the uniquely titled flick, we are not sure. The film concerns the world of “offshore online gaming” and will feature Affleck as a business founder and Timberlake as his increasingly antagonistic protege. The […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger to Cry Macho before Terminator 5

Last week it was reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Fast Five director Justin Lin were pitching a new sequel to The Terminator. While Hollywood honchos scramble to grab that impressive package (that’s what she said), Arnie has locked in his first film since leaving office and returning to the acting game: Cry Macho. According to […]

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