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The top 10 doomed romances

The top 10 doomed romances. By Simon Miraudo. The doomed romance: it’s a tale as old as time itself. Boy loves girl; girl loves boy; boy has his organs harvested; girl turns boy in to the police for his killing spree; boy dies mid-coitus; girl fakes own suicide, sending boy mad with grief, only to […]

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The 10 worst moments in old-age make-up history

The 10 worst moments in old-age make-up history. By Simon Miraudo. Last week we saw our first glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar, Clint Eastwood‘s upcoming biopic of legendary FBI agent Hoover. Although we have faith in the always-solid Leo (and figure this is his best chance at scoring a Best Actor Oscar yet), he’ll […]

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