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Smaug is richer than Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, and Citizen Kane combined

The Hobbit‘s Smaug has topped Forbes annual list of the richest fictional characters; the treasure hoarding dragon supposedly sits atop a loot worth $62 billion. In second place is Scrooge McDuck’s nemesis Flintheart Glomgold with $51.9 billion – that has to hurt Scrooge. Carlisle Cullen of Twilight fame has collected $36.3 billion over his lifetime(s), […]

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Poster Debut: The Dark Knight Rises

We’re beginning to think The Dark Knight Rises won’t have the happiest of endings. A new poster has debuted online for Christopher Nolan‘s highly anticipated series closer, and it shows the villainous Bane (Tom Hardy) walking away from a smashed Bat mask. Bane is famously known amongst comic fans as ‘The Man Who Broke The […]

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The Dark Knight Rises takes place in the future!

Kinda! Christopher Nolan has shed a little light on his upcoming Batman sequel in a lengthy interview with Empire, revealing that it takes place almost a decade after the events of The Dark Knight. Here’s the quote, captured by Slashfilm: “It’s really all about finishing Batman and Bruce Wayne’s story. We left him in a very […]

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