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HBO cancels Dustin Hoffman drama Luck after horse deaths

HBO has taken one of its marquee shows behind the white sheet and put it out of its misery. Luck, the horse-racing drama produced by David Milch (Deadwood) and Michael Mann, is no more. The announcement of Luck‘s cancellation comes on the heels of the show’s third horse death. HBO broke the news with the following statement (courtesy […]

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The Simpsons is saved; at least two more seasons in the works

Well, that was close! The cast members of The Simpsons have agreed to new pay deals that will see production of the show continue for at least two more years. According to Deadline, the cast accepted an approximate salary reduction of 30% (less than the 45% 20th Century Fox Television were demanding). In exchange for […]

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Is the end of The Simpsons nigh?

The day we thought would never come may indeed be upon us. The cast of The Simpsons are at a loggerheads with 20th Century Fox Television, and it could result in the cancellation of the longest-running sitcom (and perhaps the greatest television show) of all time. According to The Daily Beast, Fox is insisting the […]

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