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Trailer Debut: A.C.O.D.

Adam Scott plays an Adult Child of Divorce in the Sundance hit A.C.O.D. The endlessly endearing Scott stars as a man who discovers his parents (Richard Jenkins, Catherine O’Hara) allowed a social psychologist (Jane Lynch) to study him as a kid, as a means of evaluating the effect of their divorce on his development. That […]

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Back from the dead – Frankenweenie review

Frankenweenie – Featuring the voices of Charlie Tahan, Martin Landau, and Catherine O’Hara. Directed by Tim Burton. Rated PG. By Simon Miraudo. When I declared Dark Shadows “Tim Burton‘s best film in a decade,” I didn’t expect to go back on my word a mere five months later. No, my affection for that nutso soap-opera […]

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Trailer Debut: Frankenweenie

It’s a big year for Tim Burton. Not content with directing Dark Shadows and producing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter alone, he’s also made a feature film out of his early short Frankenweenie. The original Frankenweenie was made by a young Burton in 1984 while he was working at Disney. Ironically, the studio fired him shortly after for wasting their resources […]

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