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New image from Lars Von Trier’s hardcore Nymphomaniac; film to be released in two parts

As Lars Von Trier releases another image from his upcoming pornographic opus Nympomaniac, we get the distinct impression this combination of eroticism and miserablism is sure to be controversial. Ever the provocateur, Von Trier is playing with our expectations by releasing such a racially sharp, inciting still. Charlotte Gainsbourg, after being put through the ringer […]

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The first picture from Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac is, predictably, a bummer

Well, if Lars von Trier considered Melancholia¬†a “comedy,” you may as well start bracing yourself for the depressing assault of his upcoming¬†Nymphomaniac. The first official image from the film features star Charlotte Gainsbourg battered and bruised in an alley, with snow flakes just starting to fall on her unconscious form. At least snow is kinda […]

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