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Interview: David Wenham (Oranges and Sunshine, Lord of the Rings)

Interview: David Wenham. By Simon Miraudo. Three-time AFI award winner David Wenham is one of Australia’s most beloved actors. He’s starred in such acclaimed Aussie films as The Boys, Gettin’ Square and The Proposition, as well as the international hits 300 and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In his latest picture, Jim Loach’s Oranges […]

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I’ll cry if I want to – Birthday review

Birthday – Starring Natalie Eleftheriadis, Kestie Morassi and Ra Chapman. Directed by James Harkness. By Simon Miraudo. What is it with Australian filmmakers and the sex trade? This year alone, we’ve seen the inert and impenetrable Sleeping Beauty, the rollicking genre flick X, and now, we have James Harkness’ adaptation of his controversial stage play […]

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Interview: J. Harkness and Natalie Eleftheriadis (director and star of Birthday)

Interview: J. Harkness and Natalie Eleftheriadis (director and star of Birthday). By Simon Miraudo. J. Harkness’ new feature film Birthday – adapted from his controversial stage play of the same name – opens the 2011 CinefestOz Film Festival this week. The picture stars Natalie Eleftheriadis as M, a high-end call girl who discovers love has […]

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