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Mass hysteria – Red State review

Red State – Starring Michael Parks, John Goodman and Melissa Leo. Directed by Kevin Smith. Rated MA. By Simon Miraudo. The posters declare Red State an “unlikely film from that Kevin Smith”, although a better tagline is surely “everything you imagined a Kevin Smith horror film would be”. Sure, the flick may catch purists off […]

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Kevin Smith pulls Seann William Scott off the bench for Hit Somebody

source: nhl.com Kevin Smith has revealed that Seann William Scott will star in his next project, the ice hockey comedy Hit Somebody. The screenplay is based on Warren Zevon’s song of the same name, with lyrics by Mitch Albom, about a hockey enforcer named Buddy who wishes to score just one goal in a game. […]

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Kevin Smith’s Cop Out trailer debut

source: traileraddict.com It seems lately that filmmakers only make movie trailers – especially if the onslaught of recent trailer debuts is anything to go by. The latest 2-minute film comes from Kevin Smith. The short picture is called Cop Out (formerly known as A Couple of Dicks) and stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. I […]

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