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Crank 2 poster and trailer debut

source: traileraddict.com The poster for Crank 2: High Voltage has landed on-line, and it features one of the greatest, straight-to-the-point-we’ll-do-whatever-we-like-in-our-movie taglines in the history of cinema. “He was dead … but he got better.” Crank 2 picks up exactly where Crank 1 left off, with Chev Chelios scraped off the pavement by the Chinese mafia. […]

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Crank 2 makes Crank 1 look like Sense and Sensibility

source: traileraddict.comA very NSFW teaser for Crank: High Voltage has landed online, promising the powerful, emotionally-charged, Oscar-worthy moments that made the original Crank so memorable. Well, that and the public sex scenes. This movie is going to be nuts. Jason Statham reprises his role as the unfortunately named Chev Chelios. He has somehow managed to […]

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