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Interview: Damon Gameau (Save Your Legs)

By Simon Miraudo February 26, 2013 Boyd Hicklin‘s cricket comedy Save Your Legs sees a bunch of Aussie underdogs embark on their first international tour in India. In it, Damon Gameau (Balibo, Howzat) shares the screen with Stephen Curry and screenwriter Brendan Cowell; all three playing developmentally arrested man-children who wouldn’t feel out of place […]

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Sticky wicket – Save Your Legs review

By Simon Miraudo February 25, 2013 Praise Vishnu for the endlessly convivial Stephen Curry. He manages to put a few runs on the board for the Aussie cricket flick Save Your Legs, elevating Boyd Hicklin‘s spritely if not particularly funny flick to the realm of ‘watchable.’ Sadly, I struggle to think of any other elements […]

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