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Ricky Gervais making a David Brent movie

It’s official: Ricky Gervais will resurrect his legendary Office boss and make a David Brent movie. According to the BBC, the flick will follow Brent as he attempts to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star. Titled Life on the Road, it will go into production next year. Gervais has trotted out Brent a number of times in […]

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Ricky Gervais considering a David Brent movie

Hidden in The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent profile of Ricky Gervais is news that the co-creator of The Office is considering a movie based on its notorious lead character, David Brent. Brent, the “chilled out entertainer” and former Office manager, was recently resurrected by Gervais for a YouTube series, Learn Guitar With David Brent. THR claims Gervais […]

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