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Awkward apocalypse – It’s a Disaster review

By Simon Miraudo February 17, 2014 Todd Berger‘s very funny, uncommonly moving apocalypse comedy It’s a Disaster forces its characters to contend with that most dreadful of scenarios: Sunday brunch with your partner’s friends. Oh, and, well, the apocalypse too. But mostly that first thing. Julia Stiles plays Tracy, who is boldly bringing along her […]

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Arrested Development gets animated, Simpsons-style

source: cazhmere.com OK, this is far too incredible to leave unreported. Our friends over at Cazhmere alerted us to this awesome Arrested Development/Simpsons mash-up. The images were created by Dean over at Springfield Punx and turned into a make-shift Arrested Development Movie poster by a fan. If you don’t get a kick out of seeing […]

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