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All the president’s men – Lincoln review

By Simon Miraudo February 6, 2013 Lincoln is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Daniel Day-Lewis as the 16th President of the United States. It feels sacrilegious to even type that combination of words, as if putting all that prestige in the one sentence will have the same skin-melting effect of staring into the ark […]

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Trailer Debut: The Bourne Legacy

The feature trailer for the Bourne movie without Bourne – The Bourne Legacy – has arrived online. Reminding us that “there was never just one,” the teaser offers us a better, unobstructed glimpse of genetically-modified assassin Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), who must go on the run when the shady Treadstone agency decides to cleanse their ranks. Though original franchise […]

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Kaufmanicity – Cold Souls review

Cold Souls – Starring Paul Giamatti, David Strathairn and Dina Korzun. Directed by Sophie Barthes. Rated M. By Simon Miraudo. “Damn you Charlie Kaufman.” Not my words. Never. But surely the words of many an independent screenwriter struggling to get their unique vision to the screen. How can Kaufman write such films that are both […]

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