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The 10 scariest films of all time

By Simon Miraudo October 28, 2013 Every October, in the days leading up to Halloween, I like to look back over my favourite horror films, and watch those that have eluded me. It’s hard to explain why we like scary movies so. They don’t make us laugh, like comedies. They don’t move us, like dramas. […]

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Australian Box Office: The jackasses shall inherit the earth

Despite several new films opening last week the box office results for the period November 11-14 are in and it seems we still love watching movies where people get hurt and invent websites; Jackass 3D and The Social Network top the list. 1. Jackass 3D [198 screens / $9,682]WKND = $1,917,056 / TOTAL = $6,599, […]

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Romero to remake Argento’s Deep Red?!

George A. Romero and Dario Argento are unquestionably two of the most beloved and influential genre filmmakers in history. Romero is best known of course for defining the cinematic zombie in his two masterpieces Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Argento on the other hand is famous for his own masterpieces […]

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