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Away We Go delayed until December

Universal Pictures have delayed the Australian release of Sam Mendes‘ latest film Away We Go until December 10th, 2009. There will be advanced screenings on the 4th, 5th and 6th of December. The film debuted in America back in June and was originally set to hit local cinemas on October 29th. Away We Go stars […]

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Scorcese’s Shutter Island delayed until February!

Paramount have delayed the release of Martin Scorcese‘s thriller Shutter Island until February 2010. The film was originally set to debut early October. According to Nikke Finke at Hollywood Daily, Paramount told the filmmakers that they could not afford to spend the $50/$60 million necessary to market Scorcese’s flick in 2009. She also adds that […]

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The Wolfman delayed until February!

source: shocktillyoudrop.com Universal Pictures has pushed Joe Johnston‘s “hairy-movie” The Wolfman from November to February 2010. The picture’s Australian release date is likely to follow suit. This is the third time The Wolfman has been delayed. The $85 million project was originally set to open February 13th this year. The release date was then changed […]

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